Train plat 3 cropped

At first sight the modern railway is a procession of standard types barely worth a second glance. But if you keep your eyes open there’s more variety than you might expect, as these pictures from the last ten years demonstrate. We’re sure there are many other pictures out there, so if you send them to we will be glad to put them up and give you credit.


Class 68 propelling the Silver Train to Marylebone whilst our very own HM lookalike celebrates a certain ninetieth birthday..


A 1960s veteran still in revenue service


Chiltern Driving Van Trailer on trial

Leamington Station 1951 reduced (19 of 22)

First generation diesel railcar on the way  to refurbishment

Leamington Station 1951 reduced (20 of 22)

Class 47, nearly 50 years old, on an excursion train

Leamington Station 1951 reduced (18 of 22)

Workhorse of the container trains

Trains as well as people can be notable: here's a GWR Castle passing through in 2010

Castle Class, spot the fans who find out when it was due!

Train and RIB close up

Every half an hour or so to London