Our gardens are amongst the largest at an operational station that are maintained by volunteers. We’ve been delighted to have received many awards over the years.

There are three parts: first the platform garden with a 65 yard lawn, a long herbaceous border with rose bushes and a topiary yew hedge.


The remaining gardens consist of two steeply terraced gardens, divided by a ramp needed for rail workers access to the platform.  The upper terrace has a variety of shrubs including a number of pampas grass that look majestic in the winter. The lower terrace is planted with numerous rugosa roses known for their cherry-tomato sized red hips that last into the winter.

Station garden jun 28 2013 019


Most weeks through the year a dozen or so Friends visit the station to work on the gardens, relaxing afterwards with coffee or tea and a biscuit or two. Our normal working times are Friday evening in the summer (late April to late September) and Sunday morning in the winter. Come and talk to us to see what we do; we welcome everyone who wants to help.